So I’ve been shooting weddings for 13 years. And yet SOMEHOW I’d never been to The House Meadow?? Which is bizarre. And annoying, because it’s a bit damn beautiful there.

Well, lucky for me Steph and Scott decided to get married there AND choose me to shoot the wedding. Lovely stuff!

Thus on a scoldingly hot day in June, the magic happened, and much happiness ensued. For it was a day of joy and merriment, with dancing and horses. And beer, lots of wine. Some shots. More wine. More shots, and more dancing. You get the gist, it was awesome.

Oh, and AGAIN, I hate sounding cliche, but another gorgeous pair of humans. Plus a cool crowd to spend the day with. Yes yes, I got very lucky chosen to shoot this day, and it needs to be said!

Steph and Scott, this ones for youuuuuuuuuuuuu….