Howdy! So at lunchtime today I was choosing the photos for this blog, when suddenly I had this idea: what if the Alice and Luke wanted to write the words?? I mean, it was their wedding, so they will know more than me! So I messaged Alice and….. I present to you my first ever blog written by… the bride and groom! How very awesome.

“Gavin asked Alice if we’d be up for taking over his blog and writing about our wedding and so she said yes and promptly asked me to do it.

I’m Luke, for anyone who doesn’t know (which is probably most) I like coffee, miniature schnauzers and generally eating anything. Alice and I met at school and have been together ever since. She’s great, really fun and let’s me do whatever I want (mostly).

Our wedding was at Chartham church, in the village that Alice grew up, with friends and family coming from far and wide to see us get wed. Our daughter Pepper even came to see us when we came out the church (unfortunately she couldn’t make the service due to having too much sass).

We then took a trip down the road to our reception venue Goodnestone Park, and my goodness what a cracking place that is. The weather was perfect, and the beer was delicious. After a few hours schmoozing on the lawn, we sat down for a good porking in the courtyard. Then came the cake, lovingly baked by Alice’s mum Clare, accompanied by a single origin Colombian micro lot filter coffee by Garage Coffee (apparently they’re a big deal).

Our evening guests arrived just as the speeches began and plenty of laughs were had. Paul (Alice’s Dad) and James (my brother and best man) shared some great memories, and fortunately I came off quite well in both. I said a few words as well, and even managed to get our guests to boo my new wife. Good times.

Then came our band, the fantastic ‘Groove Zoo’. At the beginning of their second set Alice was invited on the stage to sing alongside them. As she finished I went to shake their hand to say how great it was, but found myself pulled onto stage and into the next song. Fortunately I smashed out a version of ‘This is how we do it’, although my thighs didn’t thank me for it. Don’t ask.

We were so grateful for everyone who came along to celebrate/drink/eat cheese with us. It couldn’t have been better. So what a cracking affair, and we can’t believe it’s all over. If only there was a way to remember all the wonderful moments...”