Aaaaah Maisie and Tom….. Tom and Maisie….. what a wacky pair you are!!

Ok, so what do I write about THIS one???

Firstly, they like being near the sea. Or to be more truthful, in the sea. So Herne Bay pier was the chosen location. Makes sense to me! Probably still not close enough to the water, one does have to wonder if the idea of 100+ guests spending the day floating around on surf boards was discussed??

Secondly, they are genuinely lovely humans. And they are surrounded by equally lovely humans. And all that loveliness did come together for one beautiful day on a pier in Kent, and everyone did party like twas 1999. I’m rambling but you get the gist, it was, for want of a better word, a sh*t load of fun. One of those days that I really did feel lucky to do what I do. “Is this really work??” I thought as I wondered around with a camera in one hand and a beer in the other…

So Maisie and Tom, this one’s for you, I very much hope you love it!