Isn’t it strange how it seems to be “the norm” to write the girls name then the guys? Yet for some reason I feel inclined to always say Harry and Kirsty. Yes, THIS is the kind of thought that goes through my mind when I’m writing these blogs!!

Anyway, onto the day. They got married at the Old Kent Barn, one of THE top venues in Kent, and a favourite of mine because… they have coffee on tap, the food is awesome and it’s reet pretty.

The girls were a good laugh in the morning, and the playlist was musicales with a hint of 80’s - judge me all you want but I’m all over that. Harry and the boys turned up looking dapper, and the day went ahead with everyone saying the right names, winner!!

Truth is that these guys were just having a great day with their friends and family. Kirsty couldn’t have been more chilled in the morning, and they just looked so at ease with each other, it really was a pleasure to witness .

Kirsty, Harry…. Harold, Kirsty…. this 8 from is for you!

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