So I’m sat in the airport 2 days after the most incredible, fun, beautiful and all round awesome day in Dubai!

Ok so this is my first visit to Dubai, and what a fascinating, unique place. It feels a bit like the dropped Manhatten in the desert tbh. And this is winter, so the temperature is a bearable 28 degrees.

Now, back to the wedding. Where do I even start?? I dunno. I actually don’t. Ok, let’s start with Andy and Jess. You see, for a wedding to be awesome what you really really need is a couple that just want to have a great time. Because that dictates the day. No stress, no drama, just smile, laugh, and enjoy the …. out of if! And that they did. 100%. (Ok, so it helps that they had Andys sister Amanda on planning duties!)

The ceremony itself took place in a local church, with the highlight being Andy’s dad singing like an absolute legend! And then we went back to the Marina for the reception/party. Hopefully the pictures will give you a great idea of what we’re dealing with here.

Oh, and there was a cheeky stop on the way back for a photo. That if I do say so is pretty cool.

I took too many photos. And some how have whittled it down to this first look.

Andy and Jess, these 8 are for you!