Oh hi there!

So as I enter the winter season, I have a bit of time to catch up on some weddings that were less than 2 months ago but feel like they were a life time ago! Jess and Joe's wedding took place mid crazy period, when I couldn't remember what day of the week it was! But I can still remember so much about a day like this.

Those of you that know me and follow my photography will know I'm not about the fluffy. Your wedding day is your wedding day. Make it awesome and awesome photography will (hopefully!) follow. Days like this one are a prime example of this.

A tipi on a cricket outfield, very much a DIY wedding, but lacking nothing. Cooler than 5 minutes at the top of Everest (watched that film last night, heartbreaking.... I digress). A mobile pizza over, a mobile waffle van, lots of booze and the funniest/most awesome wedding band I may have ever seen.

Throw in some crazy weather mixing sun and thunder, and Jess and Joe looking on point, and you've got yourself a day to remember!

Jess and Joe, this one's for you

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