A wedding at the East Dulwich Tavern


So you know me. I'm not a fluffy blogger. I write like I shoot, from the heart. So, with that in mind what can I say about Marianne and Max's wedding in Peckham? Well, here's the important thing: it's all positives!

For example, some photographers I know aren't up for a trip into deepest darkest London. Me, I love it. Because there's always this feeling that you don't totally know how it's going to play out. You have a time table of course, but in between it can be a bit chaotic. And I LOVE it!

Not that this was chaotic. But you know, waiting on the street for a taxi, dodging traffic, shooting random photos. Going to places you've never been for a few photos only to discover after 5 minutes that it's closing and you've got to work fast (Nunshead cemetery!), discovering cool walls with giant paintings on them and working out how to get a cool photo while trying to get the parked cars out of the shot! All done working at a pace because these guys have a wedding with their close friends and family waiting for them, and they don't want to miss the party!

So yeah, I loved this day. More please.

Marianne and Max, this one's for you