Hi, my name is Gavin, and I am from Deal. A quiet little seaside town in Kent, famous for it's.... quietness??

And here's the thing: I love my little town, it's pebble beach, stone pier, chippy's and tiny arcades! So How happy was I to be shooting the rarest of rare treats: a wedding in Deal! And I loved it. Because we got to indulge in the awesomeness of... THE BEACH PARLOUR!! I place everyone in Deal has been to for ice cream and epic (accidental) retro vibes.

Lucky for me Jemima and Neville were amazing fun and totally up for a wonder along the seafront (because you can't get married in Deal and not have a few pics on the beach). 

And so on one of Englands crazy hot summer days, we did wonder.

Jemima, Neville, these are for you, with so many more to follow!

Photography by Kent Wedding Photographer gavinphotography