An Umbrian Wedding

Ever since I started doing "8 from" blogs I've struggled to just post 8 pics from a wedding. Because I usually have about 30 I want to share the next day!! Never more so that with Katie and Marks wedding in Umbria, and not because I took a load of pics at the pool party the next day!

And yet here  I am, struggling to choose just 8 photos from a simply amazing, gorgeous, HOT day in Umbria, Italy.

Casa Bruciata is such an amazing setting for a wedding (luckily since Katie and Mark booked it without an actual viewing... ballsy much???).

The day also goes down as the first I've ever shot in shorts! Yeah, you thought it was hot in England??

An amazing day with some awesome people, I CANNOT WAIT to share more, but for now I've some how whittled it down to 8.

Katie and Mark, this one's for you!