So by an alignment of the moon and stars (via, Google, a venue, Instagram, Facebook or a friend!) you've not only stumbled upon my photography, but you've also decided that yes, I'm the guy who should be with you on your awesome wedding day! This is a good thing, a very good thing!

Below is a form that you can fill in with all the guts and glory of you and your day. 

And while I'm a documentary kinda guy, there is a box there for you if you wish to just highlight any important peeps that need to be caught on camera at all costs! Don't think of it as a group shot list (I will get a few family shots, mums, dads, brothers, sisters), but more a place to note anything in particular outside of that.

If you decide that you do want to go with a group shot list, I can do this if you choose to have a 2nd photographer. Quite often this pleases the in-laws!

But first: my account details for your £300 deposit. Label it with your name and date of wedding please.

Gavin Hardy

HSBC / Sort 40-19-23 / Account no. 11523341

*Note that the remainder of your balance should be paid no later than 4 weeks prior to your wedding day, and deposits are non-refundable*

Now tell me about you both and your day!

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Bride Name
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Groom Name
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Date of Wedding
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If there's anything you think I might like to know about your day, this is the place!
While I am a firm believer in shooting the day as a story, this box allows you to make a note of any important people that you'd like to be caught
Optional Extras
Examples: Game of Thrones, cheese, coffee, cake, coffee cake, Burger King, travelling, Foo Fighters, your dog, your cat, your micro pig etc...
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