Howdy, so I've got the blogging app on my phone now which means I can just drop a quick life update in here so much easier than having to open the laptop up!

And I thought that while I had a few minutes spare I'd share a few of my Polaroid shots from Lisbon.

i hadn't intended on buying a Polaroid, but a random trip into Norwich with Matt and I spot the new Polaroid One Step 2 in the window of a camera shop. After a few minutes of deliberation and trying to talk myself out of it, I eventually caved and bought it for £109. Plus 2 packs of film at £15 each roughly. 

I'll probably do a video review of it eventually but for now let's just say that it's cool, and I just spent £118 on film (Black Friday deals ftw!)



Looking up from the LX Factory in Lisbon 


I love the results b&w gives


That's Rob on a chair for no particular reason


This shot sums up the camera. I didn't have much time to consider this shot, so I just trusted the camera to get the shot. And it nailed it.


The light in Lisbon was beautiful