I’ve probably said it before, but when I came up with the idea of writing a blog that featured just 8 photos, I thought I was being clever. Well, I was wrong. It’s REALLY REALLY hard reducing a few hundred photos down to 8!!

Anyway, Kate and Robbies was no exception. I’ve cut some pretty damn decent pics (if I do say so!). Now, the negative is that I don’t get to show you those pics AND it takes age! The positive is that when they get their photos, there will still be some awesome surprises in there! I like to think of this as the movie trailer. Can’t be giving all the juicy stuff away too soon!

At this point I should probably say a few things about K&R and their day at the rather awesome Dreys. I like these guys. I like them a lot. Their story is lovely, and I was very very happy to be there to document the day.

I should also mention the weather, which to quote me, was a dick! Proper, full on, apocalyptic downpours followed by sun. You gotta love this country eh!

But, and I mean this, it didn’t stop everyone having a great time, which was definitely helped by them having a superb band (which briefly featured the groom himself on drums, too cool).

Kate & Robbie, this 8 is for you!