It’s February 2017, I’m sat in a hotel in Hong Kong a couple of days after shooting a wedding, and I’m suddenly overwhelmingly conscious of the fact that I’ve neglected my website for 2 years. I’d stopped blogging, why?Honestly, due to the fact that I was shooting 50+ weddings a year. And at that moment I suddenly had this idea…. set yourself a number of photos to blog from every wedding (well, as many weddings as possible!). So I randomly chose 8. The other theory behind this was that what you, the couple, get is a little taste of the day, but not the full roast and potatoes! It’s something to get you excited. The movie trailer if you will!

Fast forward 2 and a bit years and I’m thoroughly regretting that I chose 8. Because time and again I’m sat here trying to whittle it down, and it’s a bloody nightmare!!

And so with that, I have had to brutally cut Taylor and Dans day down to 8. Which is ridiculous tbh, but still, at least when they get the full set they will have many awesome surprises awaiting them!!

Taylor, Dan, this 8 from is for youuuuuuuuuu!