And so like a luge out of control we speed our way into October. To quote everyone “where do the days go?”

Well, they just do. Deal with it.

Anyway, let me take you back to those hazy summer days…. about 6 weeks ago. Remember, when it was unbearably hot 24/7? Ok, so it wasn’t like that for Leigh and James’ wedding, I think it had just passed. I’m rambling….

So what can I say about Leigh and James’ wedding? It was held at the River Cottage (that place on TV) and it was so darn good!

Look, this is me. And you know I don’t do fluffy. Fact is I just want to talk about the food. Dear Lord the food. Incredible. Some one make me a mackerel starter now.

Oh yeah, Leighs dress, awesome. Tractor ride to the cottage, awesome. Welly wanging, pizza, wine, etc etc. Leigh and James are a bit lush too.

Anything else you need to know?? Not really. More days like this please!

Much love,


Flowers by Ali Cheyne @flowers_by_ali

Dress by Kate Hafpenny @halfpennylondon

kent-wedding-photographer-02017 (1).jpg

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