Howdy Christmas! Yes yes, it’s December, and I have a tree and multicoloured tinsel. Exciting times!

Anyway, at the start of 2017 I realised something: I don’t blog enough weddings. So while sat in a hotel in Hong Kong I came up with the idea of doing 8 from every wedding. Because these things take time, I figured that would be a lot easier. Because it’s a structure.

The problem is….. narrowing it down to 8 ruddy photos! Every time. It’s so difficult. Well, today I’m pushed for time, I have a lot to do and a carol concert to attend because the only awesome thing I’ve ever made is singing and she’s cute and I have to be there!

As such, I’ve broken my rule today. I’m claiming 8.5. Because the shots at the end are really one aren’t they. Kinda….

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I present to you the oh so wondrous day of Maria and David, which took place in a big church in Brixton followed by a reception in Bermondsey at the Tanners Warehouse, with a walk by Tower Bridge sandwiched in between!

Absolutely utterly splendidly marvellous!

Maria and David, this 8.5 from is for you!