With them there summer months now nothing but a distant memory, like that crush you had when you were 17 but never had the guts to do anything about it….. anyway, yeah, a distant memory, I figured I should catch up on some wedding blogs!!!

Thus, I present to thee, thine most glorious (no idea why I’m speaking olde English) wedding of Laura and Justin, a wedding that took place in Bozeman, Montana. Yeah, Montana. I know, awesome right??

Wedding highlights for me were…… tbh, riding back to Bozeman town centre in a yellow school bus (you know the one Forrest Gump rode in). Oh, and Laura and Justin are immensely cool, everyone smiled the whole day, Coors light isn’t as bad as feared and the trees, their first dance was an epic Blues Brother tribute that they smashed out of the park, the view, the everything, was just so damn beautiful!

So yeah, I loved it.

Laura & Justin, this 12 is for you x