A Kent Wedding at Marleybrook House

I have sooooo much love for Karen and Dan's day, it really was immense! Totally relaxed, a beautiful venue (if you haven't heard of or seen Marleybrooks then where have you been???), old school fairground rides and pastries on tap in the morning. Doesn't get better than that. 

Karen got ready at the most gorgeous local barn with all of her family, and an amazing view too! I was greeted with coffee and pastries, which always makes a photographer feel happy! Even the music was on point. 

Luckily the guests were well looked after with drinks on the day, as it was a scorcher. Obviously I had to have one beer. Would've been rude not to right?

Then there was the Victorian fairground, which was ruddy awesome! Karen made me go on the big spinny one, which I thought would have me throwing up! But I was ok, and laughed my arse off!!

Oh, one final point - Karen & Dan scrubbed up ok. Genuinely lovely humans and it was a privilege to be there!

Here's 8, many more to come...