Some times you just have to write that a day was immense!! Such as Jess and Byrons.

See, I’m very conscious of ever sounding like I’m going through the motions. Every day is different and superb in it’s own unique way. Mainly because of the people. The people genuinely do make a wedding what it is! Now, that’s not to say I don’t appreciate a beaut location, and that was definitely the case here: Northbourne Park School, on a hot summers day, was looking stunning, and made a great setting for their day.

But yeah, the people take it to the next level. And Jess and Byron had an awesome crowd! Great friends and family. And they dragged the weather back from Dubai, which was nice of them.

A tough job getting this down to 12, but I did it (celebrating with wine!) , Jess and Byron, this one’s for you!