There was so much to love about this day. Where to start? Paris & Rick: basically perfect. Relaxed and just had a tonne of fun with the day. Houchins: damn, what a venue!! Awesome weather, awesome bridesmaids, awesome ushers, awesome food, awesome photos!

As per usual the day started at 10 with me joining the girls for a few photos, eating their breakfast snacks and drinking coffee! Priorities right? Thing is, it was such a lush friendly atmosphere to arrive to I just immediately felt comfortable enough to be me. And here's the thing: me turning up at 10 isn't just about taking endless photos of mascara being applied (who exactly wants that??). It's about me becoming part of the day. Because the only way you get documentary wedding photography is by making people feel comfortable with having you around. So I just turn up and be me.

The girls were getting ready at Houchins which meant a nice day for me: just turn up at the venue and you're set for the day. I'd never been to Houchins before so I had a quick scout about, sussed out the winning photo spots and then joined the girls.

After a few hours the guys turned up and I get the opportunity to make Rick sweat a little! To be honest, Rick was rock solid, no signs of nerves (hidden well?) and just happy to get things started!

At this point I feel it important to mention the award winning moment Paris almost stacked it. Fair play to her, she styled it out well and dad saved her from making a complete arse of herself! 

From here on in I think it best to let the photos do the rest. 

Sun, venue, couple... NO LISTS: just an awesome day for me to turn up and shoot. I couldn't ask for more as a photographer. Literally perfect!

Paris and Rick, this one's for you!