Good morning (it was when I wrote this...). So where do I start with the marvellous wedding day of Kim and Rob?

So for anyone getting married you will know full well the time required to plan the awesome day. Now, imagine if you can the scenario where by the venue you chose a year and half before the date you'd chosen was so disorganised that you felt the need to change and go somewhere else. Pretty drastic eh. Now imagine doing that 6 WEEKS before the day! Oh yes. Kim and Rob are next level ballsy!

And what's amazing is that they ended up with such a great day. Admittedly they got lucky with Spain house being available. Or did they? Maybe good people get good things happen to them?

Either way it was alllll good! Kim was smiling all day, which I loved. And Rob has a nice butt (see Instagram)

Guys, this one's for you!

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