I've said before, one of the most awesome things about being a wedding photographer is the variety of your "working" life. Take Winters Barns as a prime example. A place I've been many times. Yet despite this, every day I go there is a completely unique adventure into the unknown. Why? Because every day features new people. Not just the couple, but the guests too. New people to become acquainted with, to interact with. New angles to shoot, new ideas to implement. THIS is the reason it's such a cool job. Because it's so hard to ever be left bored. Because every week you are literally facing a completely new day!

Charlotte and Richard had the most gorgeous day at Winters Barns with their friends and family, a day that was made easy for me by the genuinely warm bunch that they had invited to their day! The nicer the people, the better my life is, and this day was a very very good day! 

Thank you guys, here's your 8 from.