A Trinity College Wedding

Hey hey, so it is that the seasons change, and with the memories of a wedding during the beast from the east still fresh in my mind, I suddenly find myself in the incredible grandeur of Trinity College in Cambridgeshire on a blazing hot day for the wedding of Hannah and Ben! Us photographers certainly have to learn how to adapt!

And while it may seem cliche to say that this was an awesome wedding, it REALLY was. So you know me, I'm not one for too much fluffy, I just love shooting people, it's that simple. Hannah and Ben were awesome, incredibly relaxed, a pleasure to be around. And yeah, that's what matters to me. No stress, no drama, just a whole load of people enjoying a genuinely lush day of celebration.

Oh, and before I sign off, I have to mention the choir. Now I'm not one for choir music as my "go to" on Spotify, but seriously, it was hairs standing up on the back of your neck stuff. Incredible.

Hannah and Ben, this one's for you!

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