November 2016 I finally went to see New York. A place that for so long to me was just the scene for endless iconic movies, yes, I have finally walked the streets of Ghostbusters!!

Honestly I was excited before we took off, but that first time you see the Manhatten skyline will stay with me for a long time. And then emerging from the underground at Penn Station on to 7th avenue, right beneath Madison Square Gardens. Looking down those roads that seem to go on forever. You're in the movie, it's just so cool!

Highlights? Too many to mention! Crossing the Brooklyn bridge in t-shirt weather as the sun set, incredible. Looking over Manhatten from One World Trade Centre - wow.

If you haven't been, do it. I can't wait to go back

Almost everything here was shot on the little Sony a6300 + Samyang 23mm 1.4 manual focus lens