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Sonal & Tom, a Bradbourne House Wedding

When you're editing a wedding, and you're smiling. Constantly. Yeah, that.

I can't say enough good things about Sonal and Toms wedding, it was basically perfect! From the minute I got there and feeling 100% welcome to the most unbelievably glorious sunset at Bradbourne House. Us photographers (I've said before) are at the mercy of 2 things on a wedding day - the people, and the weather. When the people are all having a great time and the skies are delivering, it's just the perfect combo to allow me to shoot the kind of photography that I love to deliver. 

I could of course tell you about how awesome Sonal and Tom looked, but you can see that in the photos! (sorry Sonal, you looked amazing but I have to comment on Toms hair - literally perfect!!) 

I could also tell you about Bradbourne House, which once again provided the most beautiful backdrop to a wedding. The sunset we were gifted was next level orange magnificence! I was literally like a kid in a sweet shop!! But again, hopefully the photos tell that story better.

Oh, and yes, Sonal threw her bouquet over a Ferrari. 

It was a genuine pleasure to be there, I cant say enough good things about this day! Now look at the photos please 



8 from Sonal & Tom, a Bradbourne House Wedding

8 from Sonal & Tom, a Bradbourne House Wedding

Sonal & Tom, a wedding at Bradbourne House in Kent

Combine a lush venue with beautiful weather, a cool couple who looked amazing and a sausage dog ring bearer and you've got one great wedding!

Oh, an add a bouquet being thrown over a Ferrari for good measure! I loved this day, sooooo good and such a pleasure to be there. Here's 8 from...