It's me


It's me

At this point I just want to say that it's awesome you're reading this. 

Firstly, and above all else it suggests that things are going well for you! Which is cool. Secondly, out of the many photographers out there, you're on my website, so hopefully thinking of choosing me to document your day. Which is also cool. Really cool!


So how do I do your day? 

  • I don't do lists

  • I really don't do lists!


I thought I'd bullet point this because I feel it's important. I read a wedding blog recently that listed the "20 must have photos from your wedding". What this kind of article fails to appreciate is that everyone is different. I compare it to this: we don't all drive a Ford Focus, we don't all listen the Beatles. For me, the "20 must have photos from your wedding" are the photos that help tell the story of your day. And your day isn't the same as everyone elses! *TBC

That being said, don't think I don't value the importance of a few family group shots. Because I do. 

So, here's a rough guide to how I do your day:

Turn up to see the bride between 9:30/10, get a coffee (very important), say hi, not get in your way, take photos, sort music out if none is playing, take more photos, ceremony: be discreet, no flash, not much moving.

after your ceremony I'll leave you alone to mingle, unless the weather is iffy! Then when I feel it's time we'll go get a few cool shots of you both (but we won't be gone for hours!) and your ushers and usherettes

Group shots before the wedding breakfast: mum, dad, brothers, sisters, then anyone else you feel needs a pic. I do this quick!

Confetti: I LOVE A CONFETTI MOMENT!! So, make sure there is loads and I'll do the rest!!

And then it's..... eat, mingle, coffee, cake cutting/first dance, hit the dance floor to document the drunken magic of your ushers, coffee, home, edit until 3am, sleep


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... the day?


... the day?

"What happens after the day Gav?" Is what you may well be asking!

So, after your day I back up the photos and I edit them. They then get uploaded to your own private gallery, where you can download them in high res, share with friends, print out, etc