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Welcome to my photographic island

2016 - Wembley, Twickenham, Wembley, the Metlife in New Jersey. 4 games of American Football covered for the NFL, amazing.

Take a look >>>

I didn't know how to load film until May this year.

I shot some film

February 2016, street photography around Brick Lane with the Sony A7II and Zeiss 35 1.4, 55 1.8 and Batis 85 1.8

Sony A7II Street Photography >>>

NFL International Series Photography for Livewire Sport/NFL UK

Go take a look at my amazing 3 weeks covering the NFL in London!

Sony A7II + Zeiss FE35 1,4 @f1,4 - impressive!

I've owned a Sony A7 since March 2014. With the recent launch of the Zeiss 35 1.4, and the Carl Zeiss Batis lens announcements, I decided it was time to ramp up it's wedding usage. 

Go see how I got on >>

British Rally Cross, Pembrey, May 2015

There's nothing like a 5 hours train ride from London to Llanelli after a day of street photography! Was rather tired that night, but I love watching these guys throw their cars around the track so totally worth it!

Pembrey 2015 >>

A family holiday to Cyprus!

All shot on my little Fuji X100s. A little bit travel photographer, a little bit dad photographer :0)

Cyprus >>

Back to Fuji - Deal, March 2015

So, I bought another new camera. Well, a used new camera. Ebay, what would I do without it. And I took that camera for a spin with some friends. Go take a look...

Back to Fuji

Canterbury, January 2015

A gathering of photographers, taking photos, chatting, drinking coffee, taking more photos and having a laugh

Photographers do photographing

Deal Pier, January 2015

Fashion/The Quartermasters

A shoot for a clothes shop/designer promoting their current line of t-shirts and hoodies

Model: Sarah Houghton

Camera: Sony A7

The Quartermasters

Fashion Photography/Katie Dore, DJ

I've never done fashion photography, but recently it's intrigued me as a way of broadening my skills. So I asked a good friend and Northern Soul DJ if she'd be my model for an hour...

A Northern Soul

Documenting the NFL at Wembley

I love sport. I love photography. So this weekend was pretty much perfect!

Jacksonville v Dallas

A Short Piece on Why

Sometimes taking a few photos gets you thinking and you have a "why do I love this so much?" moment

The Love of Photography


I love the gear, and the Sony A7 is my new baby

... so having owned it a while now I felt confident enough to let it take the lead role at a recent, very beautiful wedding... go see.

Sony A7 Wedding Photography

Shooting for no reason on Deal Pier

After a very busy summer I finally found a few hours to go to the pier again. And meet Nigel, who was happy for me to take his portrait. Thanks Nigel.

Go take a look...

An Hour on Deal Pier

Camden Street Shootin'

My latest blog is live! London, you really are a cool place to walk and shoot...

See here...


Deal Pier

I live in a beautiful, quiet fishing town called Deal. A lot of you may already know that (you can use a Michael Caine accent there if you want). So I took a walk to the pier with my camera.

Go see... 

A Stroll to Deal Pier

Taking Ella to the Circus

Hey hey, welcome back. I've had the Sony A7 for a few weeks now and I'm still in the process of deciding which lenses to buy. So, with a wedding this Sunday, I had the Zeiss twins (the FE35 and FE55) stay over for the weekend and conveniently, the circus was in town. Happy days...

The Circus and the Sony A7

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