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I'm a nice guy, and I want to shoot your wedding! Hopefully, my prices + what I do will make you think "Yeah, I think we'll choose Gav, he's really good and his prices are great!"

Beyond what I list below, what else do you get for your money? Well, you get a guy who enjoys the hell out of what he does. You get a guy who will be at your wedding from early (think make up and hair!) until at least 10pm. You get high-res files, you get photography shot with passion, you get input, you get a personality! You get a free consultation, (makes me sound like a doctor...), you get hours of editing (because I like the photos to look perfect before I give them to you).

OFFER2017 - £500 for 5 hours and up to 500 high res edited images on weddings in November/December

So, while I don't have packages, I can break the prices down for you like this:

Peak season (April 1st  2016- September 30th 2016)


£1295 - the days photography + up to 500 images                            

£1500 - as above + a deluxe leather printed album                            

£1795 - as above + 2nd shooter to cover both sides of the story + up to 800 edited images.


£1095 - the days photography + up to 500 edited images                  

£1495 - as above + a deluxe leather printed album

****Off peak (November 2016 - March 2017)****

£1095 - the days photography + up to 500 images              

£1495 - as above + a deluxe leather printed album

Custom USB pendrive and presentation box: £50

Two photographers...

As of 2015 I will be offering the option of a 2nd photographer for your day for a price of £200 extra (depending on location). 

Other options...

£150 - pre-wedding/engagement shoot + up to 10 high res edited images. Please allow for travel expenses for weddings more than one hour away. If this sounds tempting, then please send me a message. And if your day is a little different to the rest, then please feel free to contact me anyway. I'm a nice guy, I totally believe in the whole ethos of "If you don't ask, you don't get!" 

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